Saints retain Kevin Pay Memorial Shield

Nash Tome gets a centre clearance for Inverell in the Kevin Pay Memorial clash against the Tamworth Swans. Photo: Sonia Lewis/Inverell Saints AFC Facebook

IT was an arm wrestle at Varley Oval but in the end Inverell ran out the contest against the Tamworth Swans the stronger to win the Kevin Pay Memorial Shield for a third straight year.

Wearing the Collingwood colours to honour the man who did so much to forge the foundations of the Inverell club, the Saints were able outlast a determined Swans outfit kicking three goals to one in the final term to win by 23 points.

While Inverell’s men only claimed the four points late in the contest, the Saints women jumped out of the blocks to put the result against the Swans beyond doubt nice and early.

The Saints kicked five unanswered goals in the first term before extending the lead to 47 points at the long break.

The Swans fought back in the second half an outscored the home team in the second half to show that come finals time the Swans will be able to nix it wth the top two teams.

Gunnedah’s women remained undefeated with a strong win at home against the New England Nomads.

Gyarn Waugh continued her strong form in front of goal with five majors but it was Gunnedah’s miserly defence that was at its best not allowing the Nomads to score.

The New England men secured win in a high scoring contest at Wolseley Oval.

The Bulldogs kicked their highest score of the season booting 15 goals in total but it still wasn’t enough as the Nomads kicked 21 of their own to win by 36 points.

Tamworth Kangaroos bounced out of the blocks in their clash against Moree Services Suns/Narrabri Eagles.

After kicking 10 goals to nil in the first term the Roos kept their foot on the pedal kicking five unanswered goals in the second.

After half time NE/MS hit the scoreboard while the Roos worked on some tactics they’re trying to implement for the rest of the season.


INVERELLSAINTS 2.4  6.6  9.7  12.9 (81)

TAMWORTH SWANS 1.3  4.4  7.8  8.10 (58)

Goals- Inv: A.Croft 4, R.Thom 3, H.Moffitt 2, H.Chappel, R.Lewis, J.Taisker. Swans: J.Talbot 2, A.Cruickshank, M.Dunn, S.Fairless, N.Keam, J.McKenzie, M.Ward.

Best – Inv: R.Thom, H.Chappel, H.Moffitt, J.Sue-Fong, A.Croft, W.Mozzell. Swans: J.Verdouw, J.Richards, D.Beasley, A.Cruickshank, H.Pettit, J.Jones.

GUNNEDAH BULLDOGS 5.2  9.6  12.10  15.12 (102)

NEW ENGLAND NOMADS 6.4  11.9  15.10  21.12 (138)

Goals – N.Eng: C.Barker 5, D.Richards 4, H.Greene 3, D.Boyd 2, L.Brown 2, N.Buckland 2, N.Connick 2, T.Quaife. Gunn: M.Ewington 5, J.Mack 4, B.Maher 4, T.Mackey 2.

TAMWORTH KANGAROOS 10.2  15.8  19.13  26.16 (172)

MOREE SUNS/NARRABRI EAGLES 0.0  0.0  2.1  4.2 (26)

Goals – Kang: Z.Hubble 5, E.Bowen 4, J.Vallender 4, B.Shepherdson 3, B.Tydd 3, N.Vaisey 2, J.Moore 2, L.Young,C.Holton, M.Limbert. NE/MS: T.Crick, C.Robinson, E.Montgomery, B.Rakus.

Best – Kang: B.Evenis, M.Buckley, B.Tydd, B.Mitchell, Z.Hubble. NE/MS: B.Barker, B.Uwland, E.Montgomery, R.Kemp, A.McClenaghan, C.Baker.


INVERELLSAINTS 5.3  7.6  8.7  8.9 (57)

TAMWORTH SWANS 0.1  0.1  3.1  3.2 (20)

Goals – Inv: K.Doak 3, G.Chappel 2, T.Mair 2, G.Mooney. Swans: A.Burnes, E.Hand, S.Layton.

Best – Inv: G.Chappel, T.Mair, J.Pay, K.Sims, C.Yeo, K.McCosker. Swans: Not recorded.

GUNNEDAH BULLDOGS 2.3 3.7 7.11 9.18 (72)

NEW ENGLAND NOMADS 0.0  0.0  0.0  0.0 (0)

Goals – Gunn: G.Waugh 5, L.Ewington 2, R.Grant, C.O’Connell. N.Eng: Nil.

Best – Gunn: C.O’Connell, A.Ruttley, C.Chapman, L.Ewington, C.Sumpter, R.Grant.