Bags of goals the order of the day

Fraser Menzies kicked a bag of 13 goals for theNew England Nomads in their big win over Moree/Narrabri. Photo: Haley Caccianiga

EVERY team has played each opponent once and at this stage of the season the Tamworth Swans sit atop the men’s tree and for the women it’s Gunnedah who is leading the way.

The local derby at Tamworth was a battle between two undefeated teams and it was the Swans who prevailed.

The Kangaroos had the better of the early exchanges but the Swans defence stood tall to only allow one goal from their opposition in the first term.

Once the Swans midfield settle into the contest and won more contested possession, it helped the red and whites enormously. Kicking five goals to one in the second term set up a match winning lead.

The Kangaroos came out after the break looking to get back into the match and it was an even contest from that point but the Roos paid the price for turning the ball over in dangerous positions.

The Swans took full advantage and drew away to a 72 point win.

In other men’s matches Inverell was forced to come from behind to claim the four points at Gunnedah. The Bulldogs kicked six goals to three in the second term with Andy Mack providing a focal point in front of goal to take a six point lead into the long break.

With Angus Croft, Harry Moffitt and Hayden Chappel all dangerous in front of goal for the Saints, Inverell was able to create scoreboard pressure and win a hard fought contest by just 14 points.

New England Nomads dominated an undermanned Moree/Narrabri with Fraser Menzies continuing his fine form in front of goal kicking a bag of 13 majors.

Gunnedah’s women maintained their unbeaten start to the season with victory in the top of the ladder clash against Inverell.

The Bulldogs kicked five goals to two in each half to draw away to a 47 point victory.

The Nomads recorded their first win of the season in a low scoring affair against Moree.

Both teams were looking to break their duck and the Suns led by two points at the main break before the home team kicked a pair of goals in the second half to get the win.

The Tamworth Swans continued to show they’ll be a contender at the end of the season with a strong performance against their crosstown rival.

The Swans were able to kick away in the last term of an even battle.


TAMWORTH SWANS 2.3  7.9  10.12  15.16 (106)

TAMWORTH KANGAROOS 1.3  2.5  3.6  4.10 (34)

Goals – Swan: M.Dunn 2, J.Jones 2, N.Keam 2, J.Richards 2, M.Small 2, L.Allan, J.Cosgrove, W.George, T.Jones, J.Taylor. Kang: J.Livermore, B.Tydd, H.Hagon.

Best – Swan: J.Jones, D.Beasley, J.Taylor, L.McIntosh, M.Dunn, B.Berger. Kang: B.Tydd, C.Frazier, B.Mitchell, Z.Douglas, C.Tsaousis.

INVERELL 5.4  8.9  12.13  15.18 (108)

GUNNEDAH 4.2  10.3  12.3  15.4 (94)

Goals – Inv: A.Croft 6, H.Moffitt 4, H.Chappel 3, W.Mozzill, R.Thom. Gunn: J.Mack 7, N.Baird, M.Barrow, A.Curgenven, M.Ewington, B.Finlay, A.Rodstrom D.Tuckerman, J.Winsor.

Best – Inv: Not recorded. Gunn: R.King, J.Mack, D.Hill, D.Tuckerman, A.Hillard, A.Curgenven.

NEW ENGLAND NOMADS 8.5  17.11  26.15  36.19 (235)

MOREE SUNS/NARRABRI EAGLES 0.0  0.1  1.1  1.3 (9)

Goals – N.Eng: F.Menzies 13, N.Connick, D.Richards 6, T.Moscou 4, J.Frost 2, T.Quaife 2, H.Greene, C.Paine. Mor/Narr: E.Montgomery.

Best – N.Eng: F.Menzies, N.Connick, T.Quaife, Q.Tomasoni, H.Greene, D.Richards. Mor/Narr: E.Montgomery, C.Baker, R.De Leon, J.Warner, C.Lehman, A.McClenaghan.


GUNNEDAH 2.1  5.3  7.7  10.13 (73)

INVERELL 0.0  2.0  3.2  4.2 (26)

Goals – Gunn: G.Waugh 4, A.Dixon 2, L.Ewington, M.Foster, C.Sumpter, G.Tibbs. Inv: C.Baldwin 2, K.Sims.

Best – Gunn: C.Chapman, R.Grant, Z.Palmer, C.Palmer, M.Foster, A.Dixon. Inv: Not recorded.

NEW ENGLAND NOMADS 0.0  1.0  2.2  3.3 (21)

MOREE SUNS 1.0  1.2  1.3  1.4 (10)

Goals – N.Eng: S.Dwyer 2, A.Greenland. Mor: T.Ryan.

Best – N.Eng: M.Martin, K.Read, S.Dwyer, A.Fox, C.Blake, K.Ohara.Mor: L.Appleby, C.Fernando, T.Mitchell, J.Minors, A.Hadley, G.Leenders.

TAMWORTH SWANS 2.1  3.5  4.6  7.7 (49)

TAMWORTH KANGAROOS 0.1  0.1  1.2  2.2 (14)

Goals – Swan: J.O’Brien 2, M.Sharp 2, E.Allan, A.Burnes E.Nash. Kang: H.Bronger, R.Spark.

Best – Swan: T.Pettit, M.Sharp, G.Wiltshire, S.Cantwell, E.Nash, S.Weekes. Kang: G.Edgecock, B.Wallace, A.Reed, K.Spence, H.Beck, S.Montgomery.