Policies and Forms

AFL North West By-Laws and Policies

AFL NSW/ACT Policies

This link will take you to the page which includes the following policies and guidelines:

  • Laws of the Game
  • National Member Protection Policy
  • National Player & Official De-registration Policy
  • National Age Dispensation Policy
  • National Player Registration & Transfer Regulations
  • National Anti-Doping Code
  • National Extreme Weather Policy
  • Uniforms and Logo Regulations
  • National Complaint and Investigation Policy
  • National Social Media Engagement Policy
  • National Disciplinary Tribunal Guidelines
  • National Child Protection Policy
  • AFL Concussion Management
  • Australian Football Match Policy
  • Female Football Guidelines
  • Privacy Statement
  • Privacy Policy
  • National Vilification & Discrimination Policy
  • Vilification & Discrimination Sample Policy
  • Respect & Responsibility
  • Taking the Tackle – Violence Against Women
  • Working with Children/Child Protection Forms
  • AFL NSW/ACT Student Permit Application Form
  • AFL NSW/ACT Notice of Appeal

AFL NSW/ACT Sports Trainer Policy May 2011

The safety of participants is paramount, therefore it is important that adequate and timely first aid is provided. This policy outlines the requirements for providing first aid for all levels of football matches played in NSW and the ACT.

AFL Helmets and Mouthguards Position Statement July 2012

This document summarises the evidence in relation to both helmets and mouthguards to assist individuals to make an informed decision on their use.