Swans win Extra Time thriller

An extra 10 minutes was needed to decide the winner of the Men's Preliminary Final on Saturday after the Tamworth Swans and New England Nomads played out a nail biting draw in regular time.

THE Tamworth Swans have reached a second straight men’s grand final but the margin was only a matter of centimetres.

The Swans defeated the New England Nomads in the Preliminary Final but not before the match ended in a draw and extra time was needed.

Both teams had late opportunities to seal victory late in the last quarter. First Lachlan Bennetts-Inkster missed a set shot from a tight angle with less than two minutes remaining. That behind gave the Swans a one point lead but the Nomads had a chance to head into the grand final when Jack Keogh had a set shot from 50 meres out. The siren rang as Keogh’s kick was travelling through the air and it was just centimetres from being a match winning goal but desperate Swans defenders touched the ball just inches inside the goal line before the ball dribbled off hands and over the line for a game tying behind.
Extra time where the teams play two additional 5 minute periods was required and it was the Nomads who drew first blood as teenager Oskar Brookshaw kicked the first goal of extra time.
Stephen Fairless kicked truly for the Swans just before the end of the first period to tie the scores up again.
Immediately after the resumption Harrison Hague had a long shot for goal for the Swans which was touched short of the goal line but gave the Swans a one point lead.
Liam Bramley went close to sealing the result when he marked almost unattended 20 metres out from goal and converted the opportunity.
With seconds remaining it was Lachlan McIntosh who snapped truly just moments before the final siren from 40 metres out near the boundary to deliver a grand final berth to the Swans.
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