Roos overcome plucky Bulldogs

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THE two Tamworth teams maintained their unbeaten status in the men’s competition while Gunnedah and Inverell continue to lead the way for the women.

At Tamworth No.1 the Kangaroos men jumped out of the blocks quickly against Gunnedah and led by 28 points at quarter time.

Despite a bag of eight goals by full-forward Elliot Bowen, the Kangaroos were unable to extend their lead through the rest of the contest as the Bulldogs fought tooth and nail to try and close the gap.

The second closest match of the weekend saw Inverell’s men sneak home by a solitary point at Bellevue Oval. (The closest match was a draw in Sunday’s under-14s match between the Tamworth Rooters and Inverell).

After a slow start that saw the Saints trail by 11 points at the first break, Inverell hit a faster gear in the second and third terms to kick nine goals to six across that time.

Angus Croft was a constant thorn for the Nomads defence as he kicked half of Inverell’s goals to take his tally to 17 goals in his last two matches.

In the final term the Nomads threw everything at their opponent but were left to rue inaccurate kicking for goal. New England had six scoring shots to one in the frantic last quarter but only managed to kick 1.5 to Inverell’s 1.0 to fall agonisingly short of victory.

The Tamworth Swans came out all guns blazing at Narrabri and led by 99 points at the main break.

The combined Moree/Narrabri outfit put up a better fight in the second half but were no match for the undefeated Swans who had Josh Jones kick seven goals and Kaleb Crowhurst five.

The Swans women also had a big win on the scoreboard but the final score didn’t indicate what was at times an even contest against Moree.

For periods of play the ball moved between the 50 metre arcs but it was the Swans ability to move the ball beyond half forward that proved the difference.

Erin Allan continued her hot form in front of goal kicking seven goals to make it 15 in two weeks.

Gunnedah and Inverell were expected to get the four points over the Kangaroos and Nomads respectively and did so comfortable enough.

The Bulldogs have shown a habit for drawing away from their opponents with big last quarters and they did so again at Tamworth.

The Saints women kicked into gear in the second term then steadily cruised away from their opposition in the second half.

The upcoming weekend will see two clashes featuring undefeated teams.

Gunnedah will host Inverell at Wolseley Oval in the women’s competition while the two undefeated men’s teams will meet in a highly anticipated Tamworth Derby.

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TAMWORTH KANGAROOS 6.6  10.7  14.11  16.12 (108)

GUNNEDAH BULLDOGS 2.2  7.3  9.3  13.6 (84)

Goals – Kang: E.Bowen 8, M.Hall 2, B.Tydd 2, J.Jeffriess-Tapper, B.Shepherdson, C.Tsaousis, L.Young. Gunn: J.Mack 4, M.Ewington 2, A.Hillard 2, R.Smith 2, D.Tuckerman 2, A.Curgenven.

Best – Kang: M.Buckley, B.Mitchell, E.Bowen, B.Tydd, H.Hagon. Gunn: R.Smith, A.Hillard, J.Mack, D.Tuckerman, R.King, D.Hill.

INVERELL SAINTS 2.5  7.7  11.8  12.8 (80)

NEW ENGLAND NOMADS 4.4  8.5  10.8  11.13 (79)

Goals – Inv: A.Croft 6, P.Antonio 2, R.Thom 2, H.Chappel, R.Newton. N.Eng: F.Menzies 4, N.Connick 3, C.Barker, M.Pine, C.Litchfield, D.Richards.

Best –Inv: N.Tome, T.Beattie, L.Beattie, H.Chappel, L.Martin, R.Thom. N.Eng: N.Connick, C.Barker, L.Brown, J.Bourchier, F.Menzies, C.Paine.

TAMWORTH SWANS 9.3  17.7  19.16 28.21 (189)

MOREE/NARRABRI 1.3  1.4  2.6  3.7 (25)

Goals – Swans: J.Jones 7, K.Crowhurst 5, N.Keam 3, M.Small 3, A.Cruickshank 2, M.Dunn 2, G.Knee 2, L.Allan, A.Donohue, T.Jones, M.Ward. NE/MS: D.Brown 2, S.Clemets 1.

Best – Swans: J.Jones, W.George, K.Crowhurst, D.Beasley, M.Small, J.Richards. NE/MS: W.Caccianiga, K.Richardson, E.Montgomery, A.Harvey, T.Crick, B.Uwland.



GUNNEDAH BULLDOGS 2.2  6.5  9.12  15.16 (106)

TAMWORTH KANGAROOS 1.0  1.0  2.0  3.0 (18)

Goals – Gunn: G.Waugh 4, A.Mitchell 2, N.Morrison 2, K.Rekunow 2, K.Carlyon, M.Foster, J.Milton, C.Palmer, L.Schofield. Kang: S.Campbell, E.Skewes, B.Wallace.

Best – Gunn: K.Devine, A.Mitchell, C.Palmer, N.Morrison, C.Sumpter, Z.Palmer. Kang: R.van der Merwe, G.Edgecock, H.Bronger, M.Young, B.Wallace, A.Reed.

INVERELL SAINTS 1.4  6.7  10.10  13.12 (90)

NEW ENGLAND NOMADS 0.1  0.2  2.2  2.2 (14)

Goals – Inv: C.Baldwin 6, T.Mair 3, G.Mooney, K.Doak, C.Yeo, C.Taveira. N.Eng: M.Martin, A.Marquison.

Best – Inv: K.Doak, C.Baldwin, J.Pay, T.Mair, G.Chappel, C.Yeo. N.Eng: M.Martin, A.Fox, A.Greenland, A.Wright, A.Marquison.

TAMWORTH SWANS 5.2  10.3  14.3  20.7 (127)

MOREE/NARRABRI 0.0  0.0  1.0  1.2 (8)

Goals – Swans: E.Allan 7, J.O’Brien 3, S.Cantwell 2, E.Hand 2, G.Wiltshire 2, O.Fanning, E.Nash, M.Sharp, S.Weekes. NE/MS: T.Ryan.

Best – Swans: E.Allan, G.Wiltshire, O.Fanning, J.O’Brien, S.Cantwell, E.Keevill. Suns: S.Donatini, L.Appleby, Z.Banikos, L.Suttor, T.Ryan, A.Hadley.

Photo: Green Shoots Marketing

Photo: Green Shoots Marketing