North West’s finest in Teams of the Year

A large majority of the 2022 Women's Team of the Year were on hand at the AFL North West Grand Final to be presented with their medallions.

THE finest players in the region have been recognised with the naming of the AFL North West’s 2022 Teams of the Year.

The teams were announced on social media on Friday and all players named in the two very strong line-ups were announced again during the post-match presentations on Grand Final day.

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The Teams of the Year were dominated by the clubs that reached the grand finals.

The women’s team had six players each from Inverell and Gunnedah. In the men’s team seven players from the Tamworth Swans were included while the New England Nomads had five.

The basic eligibility criteria for players to be selected wasn’t just that they were the best players, they also needed to have played at least seven home and away games and weren’t found guilty of any reportable offences through the season.

Competition coordinator Brad Greenshields said the number of very good footballers in both the Men’s and Women’s competition meant there were some players who can genuinely consider themselves unlucky not to be named.

“The quality of a team like this isn’t measured so much by how good the players that are in the team are but by how good the players who missed out are,” Greenshields said.

“The players who were unlucky to miss out on selection this year are high quality footballers.”

Members of the 2022 AFL North West Men’s Team of the Year were recognised during the post-match presentations at the Grand Final.


B: Dylan Beasley (Swans), Lachlan Bennetts-Inkster (Swans), Ryan King (Gunn)
HB: Thomas Hunt (N.Eng), Ben Mitchell (Kang), Hayden Chappel (Inv)
C: Bill Tydd (Kang), Hunter Greene (N.Eng), Jake Cosgrove (Swans)
HF: Jack Richards (Swans), Clarrie Barker (N.Eng), Nathan Vaisey (Kang)
F: Fraser Menzies (N.Eng), Angus Croft (Inv), James Mack (Gunn)
Foll: Jordan Sue-Fong (Inv), Noah Connick (N.Eng), Josh Jones (Swans)
I/C: Adam Cruickshank (Swans), Matthew Hall (Kang), Branden Barker (NE/MS), Kaleb Crowhurst (Swans).


B: Christine Wirth (Inv), Kaitlin Read (N.Eng)
HB: Casey O’Connell (Gunn), Kathleen Voon (Swans), Lauren Appleby (Moree/Kang)
C: Katrina Rekunow (Gunn), Georgia Chappel (Inv), Rani Grant (Gunn)
HF: Gabby Mooney (Inv), Nicola Morrison (Gunn), Jessica O’Brien (Swans)
F: Gyarn Waugh (Gunn), Tyla Mair (Inv)
Foll: Eliza Hand (Swans), Carissa Baldwin (Inv), Khobi Devine (Gunn)
I/C: Molly Martin (N.Eng), Ruby Spark (Kang), Madeleine Ball (Inv), Grace Edgecock (Kang), Nayana Patmore (N.Eng), Hannah Bronger (Kang)