Thanks to all for fundraising efforts

AFL North West would like to say a huge thank you to our friends from AFL North Coast and AFL Canberra who donated to a drought relief fundraiser during their 2019 Finals Series.

Thanks to the support of the fantastic footy families of the two regions around $750 was raised to assist those in the North West who are struggling with the effects of the worst drought in memory.

In a very generous gesture, the North Coast Umpires’ Association added their own donation of $200 to the kitty.

AFL North Coast then made a further contribution to round out the efforts to $1,500 raised.

The full $1,500 will be donated to the Gwydir Group of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW. The CWA will use the money to help those in need with the costs of everyday living through food parcels and fuel vouchers.

Thanks again to everyone for their generosity.