Round 5 Around the Grounds

Number 1 Oval

The Jacob Vallender Heart Memorial Round kicked off in the U14s with the Tamworth Roosters having a convincing win over the New England Nomads. Zachary Whalan and Padraig Maher were stand outs for the Roosters, both contributing to a mixture of goals and best-on performances. Final score: Roosters 13.12.90 –  0.1.1 Nomads

The Roosters then hosted the Inverell Saints in the U17s. Copper Taveira and Mallee Martin kicked 5 and 4 goals respectively for the Saints leading the way for a strong win over the Roosters. Best on ground went to Joffiah Blair from the Inverell Saints. Final score Roosters 2.2.14 – 18.19.127 Saints

It was a much closer encounter when the Tamworth Kangaroos took on the New England Nomads in the women’s match. Nomad’s captain Ellie Ryan was valuable across the park, making the Roos work hard for their win. The Roo’s patience and persistence paid off, with 3 goals in the 3 quarter helping their eventual victory. Final score Kangaroos 3.12.30 – 2.8.20 Nomads

The New England Nomad’s continued their strong form in the men’s game, running out winners over the Tamworth Kangaroos. Patrick Sharp was electric for the Nomads, kicking 11 goals in his first game for the season. Congratulations to Nomads’ Tom Hunt on his 100th games. Final score Kangaroos 9.6.60 – 22.13.145 Nomads

Wolseley Oval

It was a top of the table clash for the Gunnedah Bulldogs and Inverell Saints, with both women’s sides being undefeated in the lead up to the game. The Saints moved the ball well around the ground but failed to convert this to major points, with strong accuracy of hitting the goal post leaving a high behind tally. Alice Mitchell was dominant for the Bulldogs, taking strong marks in the forward line and booting 5 goals. Final score Bulldogs 10.7.67 – 3.12.30 Saints

The Bulldogs took advantage of the Inverell Saints travelling light to Gunnedah and jumped to a quick lead in the first quarter. Mark Ewington lead the way for the Bulldog’s forward line, with his experience on show bagging 7 for the day. Saints young gun’s Rhyley Thom, Ryan Newton and Cam Gaukroger combined well to help keep them in the game, however much like their ladies side, some rough luck kept them from shooting straight goals. Final score Bulldogs 15.10.100 – 6.16.52 Saints

Leitch Oval 

The Moree Suns were evenly matched with the Tamworth Swans in the ladies game. An ever improving and determined Suns side were fierce opponents for the Swans, with Caitlin Sims and Julia Minors playing well for the Suns. Stacey Layton lead the way for the Swans, in her debut year to the sport. The second half saw the Swans better capitalise on their scoring opportunities with Erin Allan and Madison Sharp kicking 3 and 2 goals respectively. Final score Suns 2.5.17 – 9.10.65 Swans

The Tamworth Swans took control of the men’s match early, proving too strong the the NEMS. Kaleb Crowhurst kicked 8 goals for the Swans, while Adam and Josh Cruickshank put in solid performances. Swans veteran’s Josh McKenzie and Andrew Donohue dusted off the boots for the game. Donohue’s second quarter goal was a highlight of the match. Final score NEMS 4.7.31 – 25.21.171 Swans