AFL North West to hold youth girls gala days

The AFL North West will hold a string of youth girls gala days throughout the 2020 season.

While dates are still to be confirmed, the days are likely to run alongside the under 14s Super Sundays.

AFL North West development manager Matt Crawley said the league wanted to build interest with the end goal to have a proper youth girls competition in 2021.

“What we’re looking to do is keep the girls engaged with some weekend gala days at the same time and venues as the 14s,” Crawley said.

“It won’t be structured like a competition but anyone that wants to have a go in that girls space can do so.

“The hope is this will generate enough interest that we can get multiple teams playing.”

While the gala days will be sporadic, Crawley urged any girls wanting to play AFL to contact their local clubs.

“The girls are more than welcome at all the clubs to go and have a kick,” he said.

“Most of the clubs will make that happen, whether they train with the women or train with the boys’ teams. If they want to have a kick they can always head down.”

Girls aged 15 up to 17 are eligible to play while 14-year-olds can also play if they meet the criteria.

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